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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

This is a solar backpack designed with solar panel. So, the backpack can produce and store its own power to run your electronics such as mobile phone, CD player, MP3, radiogram, recorder, laptop, ipad and more, anywhere. It offers an output voltage of 5.8V and output current from 200mA to 350mA. With battery inside for electricity storage, the solar backpack can be used in both sunny and rainy days outdoor for power supply. In addition, it can be charged by mains supply with a regulator.
The solar backpack is mainly made using 600D polyester and offers a capacity of 15L. Adjustable straps give you the perfect fit.

1. The outer of the solar backpack is made of waterproof material with high strength, making the bag soft in touch but durable. Thickened inner lining ensures durability and safety. In addition, the good workmanship and bar-tack reinforcement for important parts make the whole bag strong and well shaped.
2. The cotton-padded inseams make the solar backpack more solid, and can protect the articles from being squeezed and abrasion.
3. Designed based on human engineering principle, the solar backpacks are in perfect harmony with the curve of the spine. So, it can protect users' back healthy and is easy to carry.
4. The adjustable strap is made of soft and breathable material to reduce the friction between the shoulder and the strap. The users feel much more conformable while carrying the solar backpack even for a long time.
5. Our solar backpacks have zipped entrance to pockets and hence are convenient and easy to use.
6. The 5.5V 0.7W solar cell for our solar backpack is made of high intensity plastic and can endure high temperature up to 160℃. So, the solar panel offers long lifespan.
7. Li-battery other than NI-CD/NI-MH is utilized. It can protect the circuit well and ensures stable input and output.
8. We can offer solar backpacks in variety of styles and designed for customers to choose from.

As a China solar backpack manufacturer and supplier, DunRun also provides official briefcase, MDF foosball table, PU laminated basketball, wool tennis ball, and more.

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