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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

This is a sports backpack made of 600D material. It can also be used as a tour backpack or school bag if you like. Its capacity is 10L and has adjustable belt to give you perfect fit.

1. The sports backpack is made of quality waterproof material for its outer and has thickened, aesthetical lining. Meanwhile, its cotton-padded inseam make the whole bag more solid and can protect articles inside from squeezing and abrasion. These, plus our good workmanship and bar-tack reinforcement for important parts, make the whole bag durable and well shaped.
2. The sports backpack is designed according to human engineering principle, so it is in perfect harmony with your back curve. This can protect your healthy and allow you carry the backpack and articles inside with less effort.
3. The adjustable strap is made of soft and breathable material to reduce the friction between your shoulder and the strap. So, users feel comfortable even after long time load carrying.
4. The zipper pocket design is convenience and easy to use.
5. High-capacity design can meet your outdoor requirement.
6. DunRun sports backpack in variety of styles and designs are available for you to choose from.

We are an experienced sports backpack manufacturer in China. In addition to bags, we offer sportswear, basketball, table tennis bat, badminton shuttlecock, and other sporting goods.

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