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    1. PP Jumping RopeThe PP jumping rope is available in different colors. Its handles are made of foam, hence are comfortable to carry.
    1. PVC Jumping RopeThe PVC jumping rope is available in different colors as well. Its handles are in 4-in-1 design, and are comfortable for carrying.

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Good quality jumping rope, or skipping rope, should be flexible enough and has proper harness. Also, its thickness and weight should allow you to play well.

Benefits of Skipping
(1) Skipping is easy to learn. It is free and has no rule to play. In additions, the skipping rope or jumping rope is of wide selections.
(2) Skipping is an aerobic exercise with large energy consuming. It is a good sport for physical fitness.
(3) To skip to a high level, a high level of coordination between body parts is needed.
(4) Relax yourself while skipping. Skipping is helpful for your body and psychology health.
(5) Also, skipping can train children's sense of balance and rhythm.

Since skipping has so many benefits, why not buy a jumping rope and start skipping now! We can offer jumping rope in variety of colors and materials for customers to choose. We welcome you to choose our jumping rope.

Our company is a specialized jumping rope manufacturer in China. We provide a comprehensive line of sporting goods, including foosball table, basketball, rugby, football, tennis racket, table tennis ball, and much more.

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